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iSAT ™ is working towards becoming India’s premier Electro-Mechanical (E&M) service provider.


iSAT ™ has build up a strong reputation with it’s customers for timely and quality delivery of services. As a result iSAT ™ has been conferred upon some of the most prestigious contracts by various Government utilities, and in various cases repeatedly


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220/132/33KV Sub-Station, Maihar MPPTCL
220/132/33KV Sub-Station, Nogown
132/33KV Sub-Station, Chichili
B 220/33KV Sub-station, Angul NALCO
C 1000MW Generator Neutral Fault system, Hazira L&T
D 132KV Sub-Stations – 7 Nos PTCUL
E 132KV Sub-Station, Internal Power Distribution system for 800/1000MW turbo-generators including the Electro-Mechanical Works  of test bed and creating the Short Circuit facility suitable for 260kA BHEL
F 220KV DC twin Channel Power Line carrier Communications for Maneri Bhali-2 and Chibro-Khodri. Retrofitting & Up gradation of Switchyard equipments at Tiloth Power House, Chilla Power House, Sharda Power House, Dhakrani Power House, Dhalipur House, Kulhal Power House, Khodri Power House, Kalagarh Power House, Dharchula Power House, Thal Power House, Pathri Power House, Tehri Hydro, Bilaspur Hydro project, Dhauliganga Hydro project


G Upgradation and Modernisation of Power Distribution scheme of Haridwar Town. Implemented for Kumbh Mela - 2010 UPCL
H Construction Power for Hydro projects – 13 NOS AHPCL GVK
I Augmentation and Modernisation of VLSI laboratories of ISRO SCL
J Industrial / utility 400/220/132/33/11kv Power Transmission & Distribution systems BIRLA TYRES



K Automation of monitoring & Security system at Wheeler’s Island ITR, DRDO
L Hydro projects on turnkey basis including Detailed engineering, Procurement and Construction upto 50MW DLZ Hydro

iSAT ™ has some of the best talent from the industry. The top management comprises of people having served power equipment manufacturing units, Premier Indian Consulting agencies and T&D utilities.

The Middle management comprises of skilled engineers having an experience of 10-15years.

iSAT ™ has on board highly skilled diploma holder Technicians, Electricians, fitters, certified welders for TIG, MIG , ARC and experienced riggers.

iSAT ™ is equipped with state of the art Testing and measuring instruments. Every workmen of the company on ground zero is well provided with every necessary T&P available in handy kits for electrical and mechanical purposes.

1 Digital multimeter - 4½ digits Accuracy + 1% - 4 Nos.
2. Megger 2.5 kV - 5kV, range 0.5 MO - 10,000 MO - 1 No.(Motorised/Electronic)
3. Meggar having voltage multiplier- 1 No. 0-500V- 1000V, (Motorised / Electronic)
Range 0.5 MO - 1000 MO
4.  Single phase variac 8 A, 0.-250V, 50 HZ- 2 No
5 Three phase variac 15A, 0-440V, 50 HZ - 1 No
6.  Single phase transformer 220V / 4000V, 500VA, 50HZ -1No
7. Stop watch -1No
8 Micro- ohm- meter (mV drop test kit) - 1 No
0-200ADC, 0-2000 micro ohm with suitable calibrated cable leads for current injection and mV drop.
9. Phase sequence meter- 1 No
10. Two way intercom set with 50 to 100 M cables for checking 2 sets of cable continuity
11. Walkie - Talkie sets with battery charging sets -1 set Receiver + Transmitter, Type GP 300 - Motorola - make
12 Variable D.C. power supply 0-220VDC, 10 A- 2 Nos
13. DB with 4 pole Miniature moulded case breaker 16 A -3 No
14. Capacitance meter having range 20 PF- 100mfd + 1% -1 No
15 Isolation Transformer 1KVA, 240V AC, 1 phase, 50Hz - 2 Nos
B For testing of current transformer
1. Primary injection test kit, range 0-2000A with a pair of leads 1 No & C clamps for testing of CT’s
2. Secondary injection test kit suitable for 5A& 1A with banana 1 No plug cable leads.
3. Digital Tongue tester 0-2000A, 600VAC, 50 Hz 1 No (Any reputed make).
4 Digital Tongue tester 0-20A, 600V AC, 50 Hz 1 No (Any reputed make).
5  Digital Tongue Tester, 0-1A, 600V AC, 50Hz 2 Nos.
C -For testing of oil cooled transformer and AC reactor
1. Transformer winding resistance meter or Kelvin’s double bridge 1 No
2 Transformer turns ratio meter 1 No
3. PPM tester for transformer oil 1 No
4. BDV tester for transformer oil 1 No
D For testing of relays
Single phase / 3 phase relay test kit having timer current 1set source 5A, 1A, voltage source 0-220VDC, 0-110 VAC 50 HZ.
(Any reputed make)
E- For time measurement of breaker
Breaker closing and / opening time measurement timer 1 No
F For testing of relays and distance protection 1 Set
1. CFB kit
2. ZFB kit
G For testing of transformer bushings CT, CVT & Circuit Breaker used in HV-System
Capacitance and tan Delta kit suitable for 12KV -1 Set
H. Safety / protective means
Protective earth rod suitable for 220Kv / 400 KV system 2 Nos having leakage current meter, 70MM² copper cables and C clamps
Helmets and hand gloves etc.-200nos
Eye protection Glasses and ear buds- 100nos
Highlighter jackets -20nos
Safety harness – 10nos
Electrical Drilling Machine & Hand drilling Machine.
02. Hydraulic Bending Machine for Al. pipes.
03. Gas Welding Set & Gas Cutting Set.
04. Hand Operated Winches.
05. Electric Welding machine.
06 Jack with axle for lifting Cable Drum.
07. Jointers Tool Box.
08. Blow Lamps
09. Compression Tools suitable for Cables.
10. Pull Lifts.
11. Pulley Blocks.
12. Hooks/Chains
13. Cable Rollers.
14. Hydraulic Jacks - For cable laying.
15 Aluminium Rollers.
16.  D- Shackles.
17. Dynamometers.

  TIG, Welding machine (for Aluminium welding).

19. High Vacuum 1000 GPH Oil Filtration Machine for Transformer / Reactor oil suitable for 760mm vacuum. In case 250 MVA / 315 MVA transformer ETC work is covered in the scope, Oil filtration equipment of 1500 GPH suitable for High Vacuum along with 30 kL capacity storage tank for oil storage and processing of oil should be provided.
20. Hydraulic cranes including accessories (20 tonne or more and boom height of 15mts. Vertical or more) suitable for erection of transformer bushings accessories and other equipments.
21. Hydraulic Crimping tools for conductor / Shield wire.
22. Crimping tools for cable termination.
23. Torque wrenches of different ranges in sufficient numbers.
24. All general purpose hand tools in sufficient quantities.
25. Shearing Machine for cutting of Earthing Flat.
26. Tool Kit for fitters.
27. Tool Kit for Electrician.
28.  Bench Vice.

 ‘A’ type collapsible Al. ladder height 8M.

30. ‘H’ type Al. ladder height 5M.
31 Pressure Gauge 0-1kg/Sq.cm for measurement of N2 pressure.
32. Vacuum gauges for measuring fire vacuum of less than 1 torr in transformer.
33. Nylon slings for 4T capacity with different lengths.
34. Turper
35. Angle meter for measurement of bushing angle during erection.
36. Nylon hammer.
37. Wedge for cutting of ‘O’ rings/neoprene gaskets.
38. Die/Drill tool for making holes in gland plates (All sizes in sufficient numbers)
39. Phoenix screw drivers for handling of Terminal Blocks.



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